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Unique Physique Clothing ambassadors are highly important to us, you represent the brand and we are proud of having you on our team. Please ensure all the terms and conditions are read before placing your request. We do not wish to “send free clothes” we are looking for athletes and ambassadors who want to represent and grow with the brand.
We will provide you with a personal 10% off discount code to promote. ­ We will monitor your progress, in terms of how many sales you generate (you can view this in your dashboard panel). We provide you with a 20% personal discount code, for the use of yourself, family & friends.
Yourself ONLY has access to 15% off all Unique Physique products, excluding sale items. These purchases must be made directly through you in order for us to monitor your progress. However, please note that this 15% off code can only be applied TWICE a month, per ambassador and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. ­ Your 10% off discount code is applicable to all Unique Physique products. This code may be used by any individual and does not need to be pre­authorised by you. It has infinite use and no expiry date, as long as you are still a Unique Physique Ambassador.
We ask that you post and promote your discount code as much as you wish. ­ We will regularly keep you updated with news from our HQ to post about, if you so wish. ­ All posts and photographs that reference and tag Unique Physique must be relative.
As Brand Ambassador you may be invited into discussions about future designs, trends and promotional work. ­ In the event we have surplus stock, we may choose to reward our ambassadors; these can be collected or alternatively delivered to you, as long as you cover the delivery costs.
Your 15% off discount code may only be used by yourself, if this is not the case we may remove your ambassador account without warning.
No promoting for competitor brands. If you choose to do so, you must notify us prior to and promotional activity and we will terminate our agreement.
Unique Physique will pay you for your efforts of sending customers our way. If someone uses your 10% off code which is linked to your account you will receive a 10% commision. Your commision will be paid at the end of the month.
Failure to comply with these terms could result in termination of our agreement. We reserve the right to cancel payouts or terminate account at anytime.
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